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About Transmar Consult Inc.

Transmar was founded in 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts by J.P. Chevriere for the purpose of providing specific consulting expertise and support to the petroleum, engineering contractor and other related industries. Mr. Chevriere recognized a need for a mix of direct experience and advanced consulting techniques to better serve the above-mentioned industries. The company recognized the importance of establishing stronger links, or partnerships, between the petroleum and chemical clients and their supplier industries. Transmar was the right vehicle to assemble the talent and experience needed to meet the job at hand.

Clients eagerly welcomed Transmar’s original approaches to problem-solving and maximizing opportunity. The new company was rewarded with interesting assignments and grew steadily over the years. Since inception, Transmar has been successful in meeting its clients’ needs. The staff has grown dramatically and is several times larger than when established. Our specialists know the business. Over half of Transmar's business stems from international assignments. We have been rewarded through hard work, experience and unique expertise with the opportunity to serve some of the most well-respected, successful market leaders in the world.

Examples of some of the issues Transmar encounters are:

  • Is our organization the "right size" to compete?
  • Is our strategy sufficiently robust to compete successfully in the global marketplace?
  • Is our contractor selection process providing us with the "right" companies to do the job?
  • How serious is the operator-contractor relationship problem in the industry? Why are so many contractors "dying off?"
  • What kind of technical resources will China provide to the global hydrocarbon industry in the decades ahead?
  • Will the Korean contractors continue to provide inexpensive heavy construction services in the near future?
  • Why are so many alliances between operators and contractors failing in the upstream petroleum industry?
  • How will the technical needs of the NOCs (National Oil Companies) impact the global sourcing?

A few of our more memorable assignments are mentioned below:

  • Contractor evaluation and selection study for engineering and fabrication of a $2 billion plus platform complex in the British North Sea.
  • A worldwide assessment study of the Subsea and Alternate Petroleum Production Market.
  • An analysis of the existing Subsea and Alternate Petroleum capabilities of engineering contractors in the North Sea.
  • A strategic assessment of the U.S. natural gas market, for a non-American company considering major U.S. reserve acquisitions.
  • Assistance to the management of a non-American petroleum company in acquiring over $1 billion in U.S. oil and gas reserves.
  • Development of a market penetration strategy for a major U.S. engineering contractor, desiring to enter the North Sea offshore engineering market.
  • A comprehensive review and assessment of the strategic planning and budgeting systems used by major international petroleum firms.
  • Development of an oil and gas price forecasting model. This included a review of the forecasting models used by leading petroleum firms in the industry.


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